Systems Consulting & Engineering, Inc.

Development Environment SaaS:

Very simply, Thought can provide complete development environment solutions based on the latest and past releases of IBM / Rational® and/or Microsoft® technologies.

Using Remote Desktop Connect(RDC)® from your laptops or workstations, Thought can provide access for your teams to the following environments and tools inside a world class data center. Then Thought can provide the tools expertise necessary to keep those tools operational.


  • Windows®
  • Windows Server®



  • Rational Unifying Platform®
  • ClearCase®
  • ClearQuest®
  • RequisitePro®
  • SODA®
  • Rational Software Architect®
  • Rational Software Developer®
  • Rational Software Modeler®
  • Rational Unified Process®


  • Visual Studi®
  • Visual Studio Team Edition®
  • Visual Studio Team Server®
  • Expression Studio 2.0®
  • SQL Server®